Monday, May 14, 2007

Durham Woods

Durham Woods at 32 Reading Rd Edison NJ 08817 is an very affordable and nice apartment near Metuchen Train Station. It is also very close to huge Middlesex Mall. Many IT professionals working at Wall St living here. One can also rent a nice 2br condo at Waterford nearby.

News Hindi Language School at JP Stevens High School by Dr. Arun Inala 732 494-3433 (cell).

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Authi said...

The apartment used to be good. But not any more. There were lots of incidents and in the last 2 months itself there were 8 incidents.

Its becoming an unsafe place. So if you are planning to move here please reconsider. And by the way the maintenance is horrible and that too you may get charged if you leave a Non-emergency complain in the emergency line. And the rental office staffs are very rude especially Sharon.

Do not expect respect from them.

sanny said...

Durham woods sucks, there employee should be fired and hire new one who understand the important of having job. I would rather say, nj state to just close this company itself, there is no safety in this apartment, robbery, fire, accidents are pretty common, maintenance wise it totally sucks, increase rent is their habit but service wise they are suck.

Sanny said...

I agree with others, this apartment is no good, maintance guys should be fired as they are like goons now... Manager need to be replaced as she is giving them safety net else they would do their job but she herself doesn't do her job. When there is state inspection they will fix things else will sleep for 5 yrs... avoid this place... you will thank me later.